Turns an object into a string of form a=1&b=2

var querystring = m.buildQueryString({a: "1", b: "2"})
// "a=1&b=2"


querystring = m.buildQueryString(object)

Argument Type Required Description
query Object Yes A key-value map to be converted into a string
returns String A string representing the input object

How to read signatures

How it works

The m.buildQueryString creates a querystring from an object. It's useful for manipulating URLs

var querystring = m.buildQueryString({a: 1, b: 2})

// querystring is "a=1&b=2"

Deep data structures

Deep data structures are serialized in a way that is understood by popular web application servers such as PHP, Rails and ExpressJS

var querystring = m.buildQueryString({a: ["hello", "world"]})

// querystring is "a[0]=hello&a[1]=world"

License: MIT. © Leo Horie.